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The Emotional Impact of the Pandemic on our Children

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The current pandemic has had the potential to be traumatic for us all. More importantly for our adolescents and teens. Missed social gatherings, graduations, isolation, hopelessness. If you ask an adult to recall one of their favorite childhood memories there is a large possibility it has something to do with hanging around their friends from school of events that happened in high school.

Unfortunately, the events and milestones that normally get our children motivated to push further and excel academically have become non existent while academic rigor and the expectation to have it all figured out by 18 still exist. Causing some to feel depressed, anxious, withdrawn and etc.

If you have seen any shift in yourself or in child’s mood or behavior since the pandemic or even before I encourage you to not look past it, and consider if therapy might be beneficial to help your children process and heal.

If you are looking to do so I have worked with youth ages 11-18 for the past three years as a school social worker and have immediate virtual evening and weekend hours.

Want to have a consultation first? Call me at 317-648-7660 or email

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