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a listening therapy to increase felt safety, social connection, & emotional regulation

Q: What is the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)?

The SSP is a research-based listening therapy, utilizing filtered popular music to exercise the muscles in the inner ear to increase neuroception of safety, increase social engagement, decrease auditory sensitivities, increase emotional regulation, decrease anxiety, increase attention, and decrease trauma response of fight/flight/freeze. 

The SSP consists of 3 listening programs: Connect, Core, and Balance, each consisting of five hours of music. These may be delivered in 60, 30, 15 minute or less segments, depending on the individual needs of the client. Listening segments may occur daily, depending on the individual needs of the client. We will schedule a SSP intake for any new clients to determine the listening scheduled together. 

SSP can be experienced in the office or at home via remote delivery through a smart phone app. For remote delivery, each family needs to have a smart phone and obtain a set of over-the-ear headphones. If there is a noise-canceling function, clients must be able to turn that off. Earbuds, on the ear headphones, and noise canceling headphones cannot be used for SSP. Below are options that meet ILS requirements:

Q: What can SSP help with?
  • trauma

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • ADHD

  • concussion recovery

  • emotional dysregulation

  • social engagement 

  • auditory sensitivities

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

  • Sensory Processing  Disorder

  • Misophonia

  • selective mutism

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders


Q: What is the Science behind the SSP? 

Unyte-iLs who trains on and distributes the Safe & Sound Protocol made this helpful video:

Q: What does the SSP cost

The fees for the Safe & Sound Protocol are based on the program design that is most appropriate for each client. This plan will be discussed during your SSP intake. The most basic fees will include $150 for a SSP intake and $75/month for SSP remote access. The time required for a SSP program can range from 10 days to several months. 

Q: Who can we work with?

Danielle works with pre-teens, teens, and adults. Her practice is trauma informed and focused on solutions and emphasizing strengths. She has worked in the school system as a counselor for several years. 

Brooke specializes in working with adoption and developmental trauma. Her practice is trauma informed, but currently limited to telehealth and remote SSP delivery. 

Q: How do I ask more questions? 

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