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Common Reasons for Couples Counseling
  • Criticism, Contempt, Stonewalling, or Defensiveness

  • Difficulty communicating, including feeling misunderstood, having difficulty explaining your position, or not understanding your partner’s position

  • Feeling that disagreements are never truly resolved

  • Disagreement on major relationship issues including parenting or finances

  • Differences in opinions and/or backgrounds

  • Change in the sexual relationship, communication, affection, etc.

  • Feeling like one or both of you don’t fight fair and need help with conflict resolution

  • Contemplating or participating in an emotional or sexual extra-marital affair

  • Sexual problems, including disagreement on frequency or technique or lack of sex for several weeks or months

  • Grief, trauma, or major life stressors like job change, move, change in family dynamics, etc.

  • Conflict with in-laws and/or extended family members

  • Work/life balance concerns, including managing household and parenting tasks

  • Feeling more like roommates than romantic partners

  • Considering separation and/or divorce

  • Deciding whether marriage is right for your relationship or not

Tim Mallory is a Marriage and Family Therapist, Prepare/Enrich Facilitator and Great Start Facilitator with experience in both EFT and Imago relationship therapies. He loves working with high conflict couples. 


Kelsie specializes in couples therapy and is passionate about meeting couples wherever they are on their relationship journey

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