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Representation in Counseling

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

One of the most rewarding feelings is sharing with someone your thoughts and interest only to find out that you have a lot in common and are basically the same person. It's a very liberating experience feeling like “somebody gets us”. This need to feel connected and meet people who have a shared experience is not just limited to intimate relationships. The same rings true when it comes to looking for a therapist. It’s hard to understand the harmful effects of lack of representation and cultural competency unless you are on the other side of it. I have been on the other side of it many times when looking for a new primary care provider, specialist, mentor, and even on my own therapist search. At times I have felt over-looked, misunderstood, and ignored by my providers who do not share the same racial background as me. Not to mention disappointed when searching high and low and maybe, just maybe coming across three viable options just to find out they are fully booked because demand is high, but representation is low.

When learning about Counseling at the Green House, I was intrigued by Brooke’s dedication and background in adoption. One of the most influential people in my life was adopted into my family shortly after birth. I can't thank God enough for blessing our family with them. This led me to volunteering for a summer in undergrad with a local international adoption agency as I wanted to be even the smallest piece of glue that helped bring a child and a new family together. That fire was reignited when the opportunity to continue working in the adoption field presented itself, not just because of my former interest but because of my personal struggles with representation.

Despite children of color making up a large amount of the adoptees within the U.S., racial representation in mental health resources and family support is often overlooked. I want to help mitigate that gap even if just at the local level with my work in Indianapolis. By joining Counseling at The Green House, I feel I am in the perfect position to do so!

My services are open to all, but I have a deep desire to work with individuals or families who understand the need for cultural competency when it comes to mental health support and care. Interested in working with me? Give me a call at 317-648-7660 or Book now at

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