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Polyvagal Therapist Explains Different Reactions to the Same Thing

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Watch this video by Polyvagal Therapist Danielle Zink, LMHC, or read more below to understand how Polyvagal Theory can help us understand why we have different reactions to similar events.

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes have wildly different reactions to the same set of circumstances?

For instance, if I was going to be at home for a weekend by myself with no plans. Some weekends I might feel worthless, disconnected, maybe numb, isolated. Other weekends, it might feel great to have no plans, feel like I can relax, enjoy the beautiful weather and read a stack of books I've been meaning to get to.

According to Polyvagal Theory, the experience in our nervous system affects the stories that we tell ourselves, which affects our psychological states and our emotional experience. Through having an understanding of Polyvagal Theory and our nervous system, we can start responding to situations rather than reacting.

Follow along over the next few weeks as we explore the building blocks of your nervous system and help you begin to get an understanding of what's happening for you when you're in each state.

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