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Family Resource Room for Regulation, Reading, & Playful Engagement

Online counseling (or telehealth) is now common and more clients are choosing it for the convenience than ever before. While some kids do great (and some even better) meeting with a counselor online, virtual play therapy rooms have created a way to engage with even more children and teens. Virtual play therapy rooms are like the overflowing shelves in a play therapy room, holding all kinds of interesting and engaging activities, that therapists and clients can engage with together even from different locations. There are so many resources, and I've loved learning about them all with the children's counselors on our team.

In addition to her own virtual play therapy room, Lindsey Kotynski has created this online Family Resource Room for parents and kids to interact with at home. It includes opportunities for playful engagement, physical and emotional regulation activities, and books to "read" together via YouTube.

Click on the images to discover links to various online resources. If you would like to open this room, in its own window, click here. We would love to hear what your favorite activities are!

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