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  • Tim Mallory

Holiday Pressures & Stresses

The holidays come with plenty of pressures in a normal year, but this year you may even feel some increased pressure to “make up” for last year. Tim talks with Nick McGill about how the holidays may affect those having a hard year

“Meeting up with people that you don’t see very often could cause you to recall some negative times. Or make you think of the empty seat at the table. It’s all the reminders of how much has changed over the course of the year, for good or bad, and a lot of people just need help talking through that,”

“If you know someone and you’re concerned about how they’re doing, don’t wait for them to ask for help. They would love to have your help but when we’re in a dark place the last thing we want to do is reach out for that help. But we all desperately crave that connection and genuine interaction with people. But nobody wants to be a burden. Let them know that they are not a burden,”

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