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Premarital Counseling FAQ

Whether the big day is indoors, outdoors, large, or small, many couples include premarital counseling in the big “To-Do” planning binder. That makes sense because premarital counseling has been shown to reduce the likelihood of divorce by as much as 31%! Based on our most frequently asked questions about premarital counseling, allow us to provide a few answers:

Q: How do we know if we need premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling is a safe place to ask the questions you may not feel comfortable asking your friends or family. Wherever you are in your relationship journey, there is benefit in strengthening your relationship foundation and trust. As plan for your marriage, intentional conversations and communication strategies will help you prepare for life’s unexpected challenges.

Q: What do we talk about?

Counseling at the Greenhouse has a variety of options available for couples looking for pre-marital counseling services, including Prepare/Enrich; Start Right, Stay Connected; and Great Start curriculum. Whichever you choose, you can expect to gain:

· Powerful communication skills

· Practical tools for relationship “hot buttons”

· Effective (and peaceful) conflict resolution

· How to remove negativity from the relationship

Q: How many sessions is premarital counseling?

The average pre-marital program is between 6-8 sessions, depending on the curriculum chosen and scheduling constraints. Sometimes, a specific topic may require more than one session to fully explore to your satisfaction, which will result in more sessions than the average. It really depends on how many sessions you need and want to cover all the topics important to your relationship.

Q: What is the cost?

The cost can be dependent on which program you choose and who you choose to work with. Each of our providers may have a different hourly rate. You can schedule a free15-minute information session to help you determine who is the best fit for you and what their rate is. Programs with supplemental information and resources like Prepare/Enrich or Start Right, Stay Connected have additional costs.

Q: What program should we choose?

To discuss which options are right for you, click here to schedule a free15-minute information session with Tim, or send him an email

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