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Andrea Coates joins Counseling at The Green House

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Kentucky therapist search angel adoption therapy

Please join us in welcoming Kentucky therapist Andrea Coates, LCSW, to the Counseling at The Green House team. Andrea is licensed in the state of Kentucky where she received her MSW from the University of Kentucky. In addition to her 17+ years of experience in the field of mental health, she has also spent the last six years assisting adult adoptees and those experiencing MPE/NPE as a volunteer DNA search angel. This work has increased her awareness of the nuances and dynamics of search, reunion, secondary rejection and the complexity of searching for identity, while attempting to maintain relationships within the adoptive family/family of origin.

Andrea enjoys working with adult adoptees and teen adoptees, bio/birth family in the midst of search and reunion, and those with a Misattributed Parentage Experience (MPE) or Non-Paternal Event (NPE). She is able to work with people throughout the state of Kentucky via telehealth.

Andrea employs an integrative therapeutic approach, utilizing elements of client centered therapy,

cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion focused therapy and solution focused therapy, all from a trauma informed lens. She is looking forward to Brainspotting training in February

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