Megan Stroup

Licensed Social Worker

Megan Stroup, LSW

  • Foster care / Adoption Therapy Specialist

  • TBRI

  • Theraplay

  • Brainspotting


I love working with families / caregivers to help improve their capacity to meet their children's needs. Being a parent (bio and foster) myself, I can relate to the challenges many caregivers experience. Being an adoptee, I can relate to what your children may be feeling. My hope is to provide you with the countless tools and resources I've compiled over the past 16 years of working "in the trenches" with foster and adoptive families.

I utilize Trust-Based Relational Interventions (TBRI) and other adoption specific tools to support families and children.If you're struggling with your child's behavior and feel like you have nowhere to turn, please reach out. I'm here! I would love to support your family through whatever you're experiencing.

Megan is a Licensed Social Worker in Indiana, working under supervision to obtain her LCSW. She holds a Masters of Social Work degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. She is a Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner who specializes in helping her clients overcome the trauma they or their children have experienced in order to be a family that thrives! Megan is energetic and positive. She draws upon years of experience of working in the child welfare system to provide practical, immediately applicable strategies to promote healing. 


Megan has developed a variety of training curriculum including “The Case for Creating a Relationship with Birth Families” and “Mission : Insight - Trauma Informed Care Training and Consulting.” She is available for individual and family counseling and consulting. 

You can reach out to Megan at or text/call 317-936-3819

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